Accessories that can come with Nintendo Switch Cases

Usually, whenever you purchase a case for the Nintendo Switch there’s some kind of accessory that comes with it to sweeten the deal. Either something for extra storage or something to help enhance your game play. Let’s go over some common and uncommon accessories that you can find from your new Nintendo Switch travel case.

Game/Micro SD Card Case

A few Nintendo Switch cases will come with 2 special cases to help you carry more games. With cases that come from R.D.S. Industries Inc. also comes a Game Card Case and inside that, a Micro SD Card Case. Their Game Card Case can hold up to 4 Nintendo Switch Cartridges and the Micro SD Card Case can carry up to 2 Micro SD Cards.

Along with the potential slots already built into the initial travel case, the Game Card Case helps people who prefer to carry physical copies of Nintendo Switch games. Meanwhile, a Micro SD Card can help the Nintendo Switch carry more data, enabling people the chance to download more digital games. Both of these special cases can players carry more games with them while on the go with their mobile console.

Cleaning Cloth

A simple but useful accessory to have for your Switch console. A cleaning cloth, as the name suggests, is a cloth for cleaning. It’s to be used for cleaning off any marks such as fingerprints, dirt, grease, etc. found on the Nintendo Switch screen. You can more than likely find cleaning cloths included with travel cases such as the Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case by R.D.S. Industries Inc. or PDP’s Switch Starter Kit cases.

Nintendo Switch Grip

Sometimes a case can come equipped with a Grip that can hold the entire Nintendo Switch console. These kinds of Grips are meant for people who have trouble playing in handheld mode for long periods of times, developing hand cramps or generally feeling uncomfortable holding the relatively small console. Their handles are shaped similar to that of standard controllers, such as Nintendo’s own Pro Controllers. They’re larger and have a better grip than the Joy-Con Controllers you play the Nintendo Switch with.

These Grips secure the whole mobile console nicely, making sure that it doesn’t fall out. Some Grips even allow you to remove the Joy-Cons from the Switch. And in the case of the GoPlay Game Traveler Pack by R.D.S. Industries Inc., they include a GripStand that acts as both a Grip and a Stand so you can play while the Switch is in tabletop mode.

Thumbstick Grips

Thumbstick Grips are an accessory meant to help enhance your gaming performance. Made of a rubber material with a various texture designs, they go on the thumbsticks of your controller so that they provide a larger and more comfortable surface for your thumbs and fingers to grip onto while playing.

Cases with Thumbstick Grips include: GoPlay Game Traveler Pack, Nintendo Switch Starter Kit by PDP, and ZenGrip Pro Bundle cases by Satisfye.


Only one type of Nintendo Switch travel case seems to also come with this accessory. Coming with a PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit case are earbuds that are also compatible with other audio devices. Probably not as good as headphones/earbuds you could purchase individually, but good if you don’t already have a pair. It is part of a product titled “Starter Kit”, after all.

While they may not be the main selling point, any and all accessories are a nice bonus to go along with your new Nintendo Switch carrying case to keep your on to go gaming secure. These are usually part of packs that are bundled with other accessories, so always expect more than the one accessory you’re looking for. They’re also more expensive than the more minimalist cases you can find in stores or online.

As always, it’s all up to you on what kind of case you want to keep your Nintendo Switch console safe. The accessories are just an extra thing to consider.

4 thoughts on “Accessories that can come with Nintendo Switch Cases

  1. Ling Tse Reply

    Thank you for your post and sharing. I thought it was just a Nintendo Switch without everything like case and cleaning cloth, etc. I’m still hesitating to get one, and thanks god that I found your post, so that I don’t need to look for every item of accessories, especially earbuds, and it saves my time. I like your post and because you explained it detailed, so that every gamer can make a good decision. 

    • Gladeno Post authorReply

      I’m glad this post helped you out. Just to clarify, none of the Nintendo Switch consoles actually come with a carrying case. You have to purchase a carrying case on its own. Like I described in this post, certain cases will have certain accessories that come with it, so make sure to carefully browse through and see which case is best for you.

  2. Ismeglamour Reply

    Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. Never knew a lot of things like this would come with a Nintendo switch especially the earbuds I got mine at a local store some days bags and I didn’t get to see any of these accessories.

    • Gladeno Post authorReply

      Glad you enjoyed the article. While the main purpose of these cases is to carry the Nintendo Switch, they all can come with their own special features and accessories. You just have to look out for them when browsing. In my reviews, I try to detail them as best I can.

      And just to clarify, these accessories only come with certain Nintendo Switch cases. They don’t come with the actual console, you have to purchase them separate.

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