GoPlay Game Traveler Pack

Brief Overview

Name: GoPlay Game Traveler Pack
Brand: R.D.S. Industries Inc.
Material: Ballistic Nylon
Features: GoPlay GripStand
Accessories: GoPlay GripStand, Thumbstick Grips, 2 Game Card Cases & 2 Micro SD Card Cases, Cleaning Cloth
Themes: None


Designed and produced by R.D.S. Industries Inc., the #1 Nintendo Licensed Switch case manufacturer nationwide, the GoPlay Game Traveler Pack is a unique travel case for the Nintendo Switch in the sense that it’s shaped differently to accommodate with the main accessory it comes with: the GoPlay Gripstand.

GoPlay Game Traveler Pack

Details About The Case (Exterior)

This protective case is shaped in more of a trapezoid shape than the rectangle shape commonly associated with a Nintendo Switch carrying case. Its hard shell is made of Ballistic Nylon, making it durable against accidentally dropping the case and other potential dangers towards your Nintendo Switch.

Traveler Pack zipper

It only comes in a simple, black design. Front and center of the case is the Nintendo Switch logo. Along the case there’s a custom easy glide zipper with the colors red and white, also representing the colors of the mobile console’s logo. At the top of the case there is a rubberized comfort handle made for easy carrying of this travel case. It’s easy to tell this case was made for the Nintendo Switch by the design.

There are no other variants or themes based on Nintendo series such as Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, etc. Only this minimalist design.

Details About The Case (Interior)

GoPlay Game Traveler Pack compartmentsInside this case you will find compartments at the bottom reserved for the accessories that come with this travel case, as well as ones you may or may not already have. Specifically for the compartments at the middle right and very bottom of the case, they are reserved for a pair of Joy-Con Straps and a Car Charger which don’t come with the GoPlay Game Traveler Pack. Meanwhile, at the very ends and the middle left of the case are compartments that fit the GoPlay GripStand and 2 Game Card Cases, which do come with the pack.

At the center of the case, there is a padded screen protector panel that perfectly covers the screen of the Nintendo Switch console that ensures no damage while inside the screen. There is a velcro strap within the case which you can patch to the panel, strapping the mobile console nicely inside of the case to make sure it doesn’t shake around while on the go.

GoPlay Pack Mesh Pocket

This padded screen protector can also act as a mesh pocket used to carry small items such as a cleaning cloth, USB cables, earbuds, etc. There’s enough padding on this divider so that nothing will poke or possibly scratch at the Nintendo Switch screen while traveling.

The top part of this travel case is completely open, meaning there’s no designated space to store anymore accessories up there. Which shouldn’t be so much of an issue given the compartments and mesh pocket mentioned before.

Extra Storage Accessories

GoPlay GripStandThe main appeal of the GoPlay Game Traveler Pack is the GoPlay Gripstand that it comes with. The GoPlay Gripstand is, as the name suggests, a combination of both a grip for the Joy-Con Controllers and a kickstand for the Nintendo Switch console. This accessory is attached to the console itself, allowing you to remove the Joy-Con Controllers from the Switch as you would normally. The Grips themselves are rubberized and fairly large, accommodating for people with larger hands or those that may have difficulties holding the small Joy-Con Controllers comfortably for long periods of time while the Nintendo Switch is in handheld mode. A minor issue with this accessory is that there’s a bit of room behind the Joy-Con Controllers while in use, which may cause you to hear creaking sounds when pressing the buttons or control sticks of the Joy-Cons or moving the Switch around to use the motion controls. It’s not too distracting while you’re casually playing, you kind of have to really press on the buttons to make a sort of loud creaking sounds, but it’s probably something you should keep in mind when purchasing this pack.

GoPlay GripStand w/o Joy-Cons

GoPlay GripStand w/ Joy-Cons







If you prefer playing the mobile console in tabletop mode, the accessory can act as a convenient viewing stand while on stable surfaces. Since it’s attached to the whole Switch console, it’s far more reliable than the smaller kickstand the console has awkwardly placed on the right side of the back. However, keep in mind that the angle of the GripStand is not adjustable.

Game + SD Card CasesIncluded with the GoPlay Game Traveler Pack are 2 Game Card Cases that can each hold 4 Nintendo Switch cartridges. The left middle compartment of this case is where these cases go inside, stacked on top of each other. Inside one of the slots of both of the Game Card Cases is a Micro SD Card case, both being able to hold 2 Micro SD Cards each. If you already have a game cartridge and a Micro SD card inside your Switch, that means you could carry up to 9 physical Switch games and 5 Micro SD cards while traveling using the GoPlay Game Traveler Pack.

GoPlay ThumbsticksThis Nintendo Switch travel case also comes equipped with a pair of rubberized Thumbstick Grips that go over the thumb sticks of the Joy-Con Controllers. Once attached correctly, these accessories will assist in making sure that your thumb doesn’t accidentally slip off while using the Joy-Con analog sticks, as there are indents in the center to place your thumb on. Attaching them is fairly simple, but may require a couple tries to get right. You can pretty much slip them onto the analog sticks and then to make sure they won’t slip off, twist them around a bit. Then once you’re done using them you can simply slip them off.

And last but not least, there’s also a Cleaning Cloth included with the GoPlay Game Traveler Pack, which helps keep the Nintendo Switch screen clean.


The GoPlay Game Traveler Pack case itself is a serviceable case for the Nintendo Switch. The Ballistic Nylon hard shell it has will keep it safe from outside harm and has a minimalist design that still clearly shows what the case is used for. However, as indicative of the unique shape of the case, there’s more to consider when purchasing this case.

The GoPlay Gripstand is the real selling point of this pack, with the travel case being specifically shaped to accommodate the accessory itself. With that said, the GripStand is more or less required to at least properly fit the console inside the case without it moving around too much. If you have issues with playing the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, the GripStand is a good solution with its large handles. Then there’s the fact that this accessory acts as a viewing stand for whenever you want to play the Switch in tabletop mode, with the GripStand being designed to allow you to easily remove the Joy-Con Controllers from the mobile console. At most, you would have to deal with some creaking sounds while playing in handheld mode and a non-adjustable angle when playing in tabletop mode.

With the GripStand and Thumbstick Grips you can get a better handle while using the Joy-Cons, you can carry a multitude of games and Micro SD cards thanks to the Card Cases provided, and even carry small items thanks to the mesh pocket embedded into the panel in the middle of the case. Along with the other accessories, the main priority of the GoPlayGame Traveler Pack is give players a more comfortable gaming experiencing when playing the Nintendo Switch on the go.

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