Alumi Case

Brief Overview

Name: Nintendo Switch Alumi Case
Brand: HORI
Dimensions: About 10 x 5 x 1.5 Inches
Material: Aluminum Metal
Features: Aluminum Hard Shell
Accessories: None
Themes: Super Mario, Legend of Zelda


Created by HORI, long time 3rd party video game accessory makers, comes an Alumi Case officially licensed by Nintendo. While a standard size case for the Nintendo Switch like others, this Alumni Case is one of the simpler travel cases designed for the Nintendo Switch. The biggest draw towards this product is the fact that it’s more prioritized on being a protective case for the console, as it’s made of an aluminum hard shell. With the potential drawback of having fewer features than other cases.

Zelda Alumi Case

Details About The Case (Exterior)

The dimensions of the Alumi Case is about 10 x 5 x 1.5 inches, making it big enough to primarily fit the handheld console. As mentioned before, the case is made up of an aluminum hard shell. This makes it a tougher case than others and provides better protection for the Nintendo Switch.

The standard case’s shell is simply a gunmetal gray color with the Nintendo Switch logo on the front of it. With nothing but the overall color on the back of the case. There are also themed cases based on Nintendo’s famous series that follow suit. The metal shell that comes with these protective travel cases are gives them a unique, simple, and sleek style compared to others.

As expected there are zippers to open and close the case. Nothing unique about them. A possible downside to this particular case is that there is no handle for you to hold from. Which probably isn’t too much of an issue if you’re carrying it within a backpack or such, but if you plan on carrying it by yourself it may be more cumbersome.

Details About The Case (Interior)

Alumi Case Switch Inside

There’s not much to this case on the inside. There is a partition in the middle that acts as a padded screen protector when your Switch is inside. This same partition has slots where you can fit in 5 of your Nintendo Switch cartridges. Assuming you already have a game cartridge inside your Switch already, this means you can carry up to 6 physical Switch games with you on the go.

Unlike other Nintendo Switch cases, the Alumi Case does not include a strap for you to fully secure the console. So whenever you open this case, be careful that your Switch does not accidentally fall out. This really shouldn’t be too much of an issue though, as the console is pretty tucked inside the case. You would probably have to try to get the Switch to fall out.

Alumi Case Game Slots

It’s possible to fit smaller items and cables within the case as well, with the partition separating it from the console while inside. Such as a small game case holder for your cartridges, a USB cable, or earbud headphones. There’s not a dedicated section to store them, but there is small enough space to do so. Probably best to avoid doing that, though.

Stylish Game Variants

On top of the already sleek design of the Alumi Case thanks to its metal casing, you can also purchase a variant based on one of Nintendo’s famous series. For these cases, there are only 3 different game themed cases.

One is based on the famous Super Mario, coated with a vibrant red color with his letter M logo you see on his hat in front of the case. The inside of the case features some artwork from the Super Mario series. Specifically question mark blocks, coins, and power ups.

Another is based on the highly acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Coated in the color black and bordered by gold lines with a triforce as corners lies in the center a circle with a design resembling the shrines seen throughout the game. Within that circle are three things. The letter Z representing the name Zelda, a rusted Master Sword wrapped around the letter, and a flower that can be found within the game called the Silent Princess growing from the letter as well. All three items significant to the game, hence they represent the game’s logo. Inside the case also features a design resembling the shrines from Breath of the Wild.

Last but not least, there is also a variant design based on Pikachu, the mascot of the Pokemon series. This case is coated in a gold color all around and has artwork on both sides of the case. On the front of the case there’s a silhouette of a pokeball with the black half of it having the word “Pokemon” around it, and on the other half of the pokeball there is Pikachu. On the back of the case there’s artwork of Pikachu’s lightning bolt-shaped tail in front of two stripes meant to represent the two brown stripes it has on its tail. The artwork inside this case has lightning bolt all around. Some are fully colored in yellow to represent actual lightning bolts while others are to represent Pikachu’s tail.


The Alumi Case by HORI is a travel case primarily focused on protecting your Nintendo Switch with its metal casing. It’s perfectly fit for carrying the mobile console along with a few game cartridges, but that’s all there is to it when it comes to functionallity. There’s nothing extra such as a game card case that comes along with it or a pouch area to carry smaller accessories for your Nintendo Switch.

Certain omissions such as a lack of a handle to better carry the travel case or a strap to on the inside to better secure the Switch while it’s inside might be something to consider when thinking of purchasing the Alumi Case. However, if all you’re seeking is a simple carrying case to keep your Nintendo Switch, a more protective case at that, then the Alumi Case should be a good choice.

2 thoughts on “Alumi Case

  1. Ann Reply

    This metal casing seems enough to guarantee that nothing happens to our Nintendo switch. It would be good if it included a handle but I’m OK with it just as it is. I really need a case and I like this one. Thanks for this review.

    PS: I like the colors also, very nice indeed!

  2. Ismeglamour Reply

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I really like the aluminum case as it really good and well structured,my old case has done it job I think this is a perfect replacement for it.

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